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Ring Factory 4.1

Simply pick the favorite part of your favorite song an make it ringtone
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Ring Factory 3.0 is a program that lets you trim any part of an audio file to create a ringtone. By using it, you can create your customized ringtones just picking the favorite part of your favorite song that you have on .MP3 or .WAV format, or from a CD track. Once the program starts, you must select the "Ringtone" option. That will open the Audio Converter, a sub-program in which you must open the source file, mark your preferred segment with the mouse, and then save it as a ringtone. You can amplify the volume of the selected part, and send the result via WAP, Infrared, Blutooth or save the file to your computer. Back in the main menu, selecting the "Wallpaper" option will open the Image Converter, an utility that will let you choose any image from any drive, convert it to the right size for your mobile phone display and then save the result in any of the ways provided for the ringtones. The "Files" option in the Main Menu will open a utility that will allow you to transfer any type of file to your mobile phone, providing your mobile operator and phone number. In the trial version you can send files up to 500 Kb. The registered version allows files up to 10 Mb. You can send 6 files with the trial version. You will receive in your phone a WAP link to download the sent file.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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